Kelly Rowland could never take drugs because she always likes to be in control of herself.

The 'Forever and a Day' singer says she's not tempted to take illegal substances or drink copious amounts of alcohol because she's seen what it can do to people.

She said: "Once, at Pacha in Ibiza, I looked into the crowd and thought, 'That's heavy.' Looking at those people, all completely spaced out, I felt worried for them. I'm not indulging.' That is not how I run my business. I love the fact I have control over myself. It's important to always be a lady. People come up to me and say, 'My daughter looks up to you as a role model' and I Take That seriously."

Kelly also revealed she is single - following a bad break-up in 2008 - but admits finding a man is hard work.

She told Style magazine: "I'm dating, which has been, um, interesting. It's not easy. My girlfriend says it's like trying on shoes, but for a long time. Let's just hope it's not too long before I find a really cute pair. The thing is, if you know what that crazy love feels like, when you meet someone and it's so right straight off, it makes dating harder."