DESTINY'S CHILD stars Kelly Rowland, Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams face a constant battle to look good when they tour - because they indulge in sugary snacks whenever they can.

The sexy trio might look good on stage, but they admit they have to have their sweet treats backstage and in their hotel rooms.

Speaking exclusively in the upcoming issue of America's INSTYLE magazine, the girls reveal their chocolate addiction.

Beyonce says, "(I love) M+Ms, the plain ones... and chocolate covered strawberries - they are romantic and not that fattening." Williams adds, "(I love ordering) pancakes. They taste just like cake."

While, midnight snack-lover Rowland admits she love room service treats when she's on tour.

She explains, "I like something bad in the middle of the night, like a Snickers (bar)... Call up for the dumbest, smallest thing and they're like, 'We will have that right up there, Miss Rowland.'"

The girls admit they just love the hotel perks they get when they're on the road and staying in the best homes from home.

Knowles claims the beds in hotels are more comfortable than her own, while Rowland loves the fact there are often TVs in the bathroom: "I love to watch SPONGEBOB (SQUAREPANTS) while I'm taking a shower."

18/05/2005 09:14