THE OC star Kelly Rowan is having a tough time finding a date - because the majority of the men in her Los Angeles neighbourhood are gay.

The 38-year-old Canadian actress, who plays SETH's mother KIRSTEN COHEN in the hit drama, admits that she's desperate for just one of the men in her locale to pay attention to her as she makes her way around the streets of Hollywood.

She says, "LA's really a strange place. I love gay men, I really do, but there are so many gay men in Los Angeles.

"The other day, I was coming out of my gym and I looked over and I saw all these gay men having brunch. And then I turned the corner and I looked over and there were these two guys and they were kissing in their car.

"I was at the stoplight going, 'That's it! I just want a straight man to look at my butt!'"