Kelly Ripa's co-host on 'Live with Kelly' has changed 59 times since Regis Philbin announced his retirement, though it appears a deal for a permanent successor has finally been inked. Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan has reportedly landed the coveted role after impressing during his guest hosting of the show, according to the Associated Press.

Though there has been no official word from 'Live', the show announced on Monday that the new co-host will be introduced on September 4, 2012. SETH MEYERS had ruled himself out of the race for the job despite forming a strong on-screen rapport with Kelly, though reports suggest Strahan was always ABC's first choice to replace Philbin. The news has been welcomed positively on Twitter, while television critic David Hinckley also gave the 'casting' the thumbs up, saying of Strathan, "He's bright enough to comment intelligently on the world, quick enough to throw out a bemused one-liner and smart enough to realize that he doesn't have to dominate this show to win the game". The report spoils the September 4th reveal slightly, though one Twitter user joked, "Are they going to hold up an "Act Surprised!" sign for the Live! with Kelly audience when Michael Strahan walks out on Sept. 4?".

Fans of Strathan's Sunday morning NFL show on Fox shouldn't fret - he plans to do both jobs!