Kelly Ripa has urged people not to cut their own hair whilst home during their coronavirus pandemic.

The 49-year-old television presenter has made her own mistakes cutting her hair and is desperately trying to stop others from doing the same as she regrets her own home hair cut.

Speaking at a special from-home episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, she said: ''People are cutting their own bangs ... they're calling it a pandemic trend. I'm not sure if I like the phrase pandemic trend, but they're saying since coronavirus has taken hold of us, they're cutting their hair out of boredom. People don't cut their hair out of boredom, they cut their hair because they're drunk and they think they know how to cut hair. I know from where I speak. I cut my bangs before the Daytime Emmys about 22 years ago and I've never gotten over it. People just tend to be on their 'I cut my bangs' glass of wine. They think, 'You know what, I've always wanted bangs and now I'm going to do it.' Although the article that I'm reading doesn't say that alcohol has anything to do with it, I'm saying that. I'm accurate.''

Meanwhile, Kelly previously revealed she is on ''root watch'' as she stays in amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly has been forced to isolate as the virus takes hold of the world and was thus forced to skip her usual hair appointment.

Sharing a picture of her hairline on her Instagram stories, she captioned it, ''Root watch week one,'' hinting she would be giving further updates as it went along.