Kelly Ripa says her 18-year-old daughter is mortified by her style choices.

The 49-year-old TV presenter and husband Mark Consuelos' daughter Lola, 18, loves fashion but her parents admitted that she finds their fashion sense highly embarrassing.

Mark told PEOPLE: ''She's cool. She's really cool. She's always been cool but we have nothing to do with it.''

Kelly added: ''We have nothing to do with it literally because she's mortified by everything we put on.

''She doesn't even bother with me. She just feels that what I wear is embarrassing and awful. But then I think that means that I've gotten something right. I don't think your teenage daughters should like what you're wearing.''

However, Mark admitted that Lola will sometimes help him with his outfit choices.

He said: ''I do ask her for advice sometimes. You know, she'll let us know if something's bad.''

Mark and Kelly also have sons Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16, together.

Meanwhile, Lola began her freshman year at New York University, where her brother Michael is also a student, in August and her parents are missing having all of their kids around the house.

Mark recently said: ''We had the whole gang back recently. As much as when you're a young parent ... you're like, 'I can't wait until this is kind of easy, or you want a little more peace and quiet. Now the peace and quiet is so sad. When we get them back together in the house, it's so nice.''