Kelly Ripa ''knew'' her husband Mark Consuelos was the one before they'd even met.

The 47-year-old television presenter married Mark - with whom she has kids Michael, 21, Lola, 17, and Joaquin, 15 - in 1996, but admits she was sure he was Mr. Right long before they met in person, because she had seen him in a photograph and immediately been drawn to him.

She said: ''I saw my husband in a photograph before I saw him [in person] and I knew.''

Kelly was starring in ABC's daytime soap 'All My Children' at the time, when casting director Judy Blye Wilson approached her with a picture of Mark in order to ask her opinion on casting him as Mateo Santos.

The 'Live! With Kelly and Ryan' host insisted that as soon as she saw the photo, she could see her ''entire future'' flash before her eyes, and she knew he was the man she wanted to marry.

Speaking during an appearance on Bruce Bozzi's 'Lunch with Bruce' podcast, Kelly said: ''[Judy] showed me [Mark's] picture - and Bruce, I'm not this person - like at that point I was not a hopeless romantic. I never thought about getting married, it never occurred to me that I would grow old with someone. I just thought I would be living my single-girl life in the city ... I had no responsibilities and I was earning a good living on the soap opera because I was there for almost seven years before Mark got there. I was a baby when I got my job.

''So when I saw him, the photograph of him, I saw my entire future with him flash before [me.] Like I saw it. And I don't believe in any of that and now I do because of that moment.''

Mark, also 47, joined the cast of the soap in 1995, and he and Kelly fell for each other soon after, tying the knot a year later in Las Vegas.