British actress Kelly Reilly only agreed to take a role in Guy Ritchie's upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES because Robert Downey Jr. had accepted the part of the super sleuth.
The beauty plays the girlfriend of Jude Law's character Dr. Watson - and she admits Ritchie's reputation for male-dominated gangster movies made her hesitant to take the role.
She says, "Yeah (I had to consider taking the role) is the honest answer to that. It is a boys' film. The two women's roles are not exactly ones you would break your heart over trying to get.
"Unless you want to work with Robert Downey Jr. and just do a cracking good scene with him, which is enough for me, thanks very much! And it was worth it. But as far as a female role that I want to attack and play and go very deeply into, I don't think that's the film I'm gonna find it on."
And Reilly is calling on Ritchie to include more female roles in future films: "He should. He should write for women, and work with women."