Kelly Osbourne's mother is planning her wedding.

Sharon Osbourne has hit back at reports she is feuding with the 'Fashion Police' co-host, 28, about the details of her upcoming nuptials to vegan chef Matthew Mosshart and insists she is doing everything she can to make sure Kelly's special day is perfect.

Speaking on 'The Talk' on Wednesday (11.09.13), Sharon, who is travelling between Los Angeles and the UK several times a week in order to co-host the chat show and film 'The X Factor', said: ''As if I would argue with my daughter about her marriage, I mean, that's the last thing in the world any mother wants to do.

''Kelly is getting married exactly where she wants to get married and the food is the food that Kelly wants and that's it. Just because I'm arranging it, she has an even busier life than I do, so I can work with the caterer and I can work with the party planner and it cuts that away from her. She asked me to plan it for her.''

A source told Star magazine that Kelly is ''at her wit's end with Sharon'' as her mother allegedly wants her to get married in Hawaii instead of England, and is horrified by the idea of serving vegan cuisine at their reception.

But Sharon said: ''Even to say something as ridiculous as I don't want vegetarian food, half of Kelly's friends are vegan, veggie people, as if we wouldn't provide.''

She jokingly added: ''I want pork chops.''