Kelly Osbourne's upcoming stint on reality contest Dancing With The Stars is pushing her apart from her fiance - and he's already complaining about her gruelling rehearsal schedule.
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has been spending five hours a day practising her moves for the U.S. competition, leaving her model lover Luke Worrall on his own.
But the 24 year old is certain Worrall will soon enjoy the benefits of her hard work - because now she won't shy away from him on the nightclub dancefloor.
She tells Closer magazine, "I'm spending my life dancing and he's (Worrall) feeling a bit neglected. But he'll be OK, it's not forever and actually he's really excited because he loves dancing, but I never dance with him because I'm too self-conscious.
"Hopefully that will all change now... I always thought dancing makes it look like people are dry-humping the air!"