Kelly Osbourne was left red-faced after she fell to the floor during her final performance on U.S. show Dancing With The Stars on Monday (23Nov09).
Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has managed to rumba her way into the final three on the hit TV talent show - but her last bid for the trophy took a turn for the worst after she lost her footing during a complicated move with her professional dance partner.
The duo was performing a freestyle disco routine to Gloria Gaynor's hit I Will Survive when she landed on the floor between Louis van Amstel's legs, instead of gracefully spinning around him.
The 25 year old grinned and continued with the routine, before later joking to the judges, "One of the lifts I think it looked more like Louis pooped me out than doing a lift. But I had the best time."
It wasn't the only hitch for Osbourne, who fell out of time with the rest of the dancers during a group performance when van Amstel struggled to pull away her skirt.
She laughed, "I had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction, but it's the final!"
The star's parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, gave her a standing ovation from the audience - but the judging panel rewarded her with just 76 points after three dances.
Her pop star competitor Mya is leading the way with 87 points, while Donny Osmond scored a respectable 85.
A fan vote will help determine who takes home the mirrorball trophy in the final show on Wednesday (25Nov09).