Pop star Kelly Osbourne first realised she had a serious addiction to drugs after a near-violent encounter with a fan in a British clothes shop. The British singer, who shot to fame in reality TV show The Osbournes, nearly attacked a fan who recognised her in London fashion store Topshop. Osbourne says, 'This girl came up to me and shouted, 'That's Kelly Osbourne!' and pointed her finger in my face - literally her fake nail touched my nose and I just flipped. "I grabbed her hand and said, 'Don't f**k with me, or I'm going to break your f**king finger off.'" But Osbourne insists she would react differently now she has been through rehab and therapy. She says, "I'd probably say, 'Can you possibly not put your finger so close to my face, but it's nice to meet you.' "I'm so over fighting or being upset when people say something horrible about me."