Kelly Osbourne was given sex education lessons while on tour with her rocker father Ozzy - because organisers handed out free condoms to everyone backstage.
The 23-year-old spent a lot of time on the road as a child, touring with her dad's band, Black Sabbath.
And Osbourne admits that the rock and roll lifestyle she witnessed forced her mother, rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne, to tell her the facts of life at a young age.
She tells British magazine New!, "I was on tour with my dad and at every single one of his shows, they hand out free condoms. I was about seven or eight and I picked up a packet and was like, 'Mum, what's this?'
"She had to explain to me what they were. It was something my parents have never been shy about. They always told us what they think and that we should protect ourselves."