Kelly Osbourne can't keep away from her fiance LUKE WORRALL - she has to meet up with him even when they plan separate evenings out.
The pair got engaged in 2008 following a whirlwind romance, and plan to marry once British model Worrall turns 21 later this year (10).
But despite their relative youth, 25 year old Osbourne insists she always has to have Worrall by her side because they miss each other too much when they are apart.
She says, "We don't do anything separately. We do absolutely everything together. And a lot of people think, 'God that's a bit weird - you're so young and you do everything together'.
"But when we try to do things separately, we just find ourselves texting each other and end up meeting up because we don't like it.
"As far as I'm concerned, Luke's the love of my life and that's all that matters."