Kelly Osbourne has slammed reports she launched an astonishing attack on Lady GaGa - insisting she's a "huge fan" of the eccentric singer.
The outspoken daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne allegedly lashed out at the Just Dance star, branding her a "butterface" and insisting she had "too much attitude".
But Osbourne is adamant she never made the comments - and insists she has no right to comment on other celebrities' looks.
She tells, "I have a big mouth and that's no secret. I often say things that get me into trouble but I always stand by them.
"But when words are being put into my mouth and things are being printed that I did not say it really makes me really mad.
"I am a huge fan of Lady GaGa. If anything I'm slightly jealous of her wardrobe and I am definitely in no position to be calling anyone a butter face."