Kelly Osbourne is defending her decision to wear a t-shirt poking fun at Mel Gibson's tape scandal, insisting she isn't siding with the under-fire actor.
The reality TV star was photographed wearing a top with a picture of the Braveheart star and the words "You should just smile and blow me!" a few days after her brother Jack was also seen in the same clothing.
The message references a number of tape rants which purportedly feature Gibson shouting abusive messages to his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.
Osbourne has faced criticism over the shirts, but she insists the stars were just having fun with the "stupid" quote.
In her weekly column in Britain's Closer magazine, she writes, "My brother Jack made these shirts and the quote on the front is taken from an abusive rant Mel Gibson allegedly left on his ex-girlfriend's answerphone. Some people have said it looks like we're condoning Mel, but of course we're not.
"The quote is just such a stupid thing for anyone to say, so Jack thought it'd make a good t-shirt!"