Rock chick Kelly Osbourne is struggling to forgive ex-lover Bert Mccracken for dumping her - because she fears he only dated her to raise his profile.

The daughter of Ozzy Osbourne enjoyed a brief romance with The Used frontman McCracken which ended on Valentine's Day (03), when he dumped her over the phone.

And mortified Kelly, 19 - who is now seeing THE TRANSPLANTS singer ROB ASTON - remains convinced Bert was only interested in generating publicity for his band.

She says, "I have such a black heart because of him. I truly hate him for leaving me like that and it's so sad to hate... I'm torn between two feelings with him, whether he genuinely liked me for me but just couldn't handle it or he dated me because he wanted to become more famous.

"Sadly, the signs are more pointing towards the fame side. I think if I was to come face-to-face with him now I wouldn't know whether to cry, hug him or punch his lights out - he just really f****d me up."

12/12/2003 19:36