Kelly Osbourne has undergone a huge image transformation in recent months and her new look was completed on Sunday (07.03.10) when she attended Elton John's Oscars ball.

The reality TV star looked lovely in her light peach and silver dress, which complemented her newly-dyed lavender hair, and her skin appeared defined and illuminated, which was mainly thanks to St. Tropez's High Definition Skin-Finishing treatments.

The products are designed to lift, contour and define the body and face and they certainly worked with Kelly, leaving her with a modern and fashion-forward result.

St. Tropez's celebrity skin-finishing expert, Fiona Locke, said: "The new trend for skin at this year's Academy Awards was to finish glowing St. Tropez skin with a variety of new cosmetics and illuminators. A-listers stepped out with perfectly finished hair, make-up, and wardrobe, and now skin as this new trend takes hold. The look is healthy, glowing, bronzed and 3-D skin with a pop of iridescence, providing a very ethereal complexion and a definite enhancement of colour on the skin. St. Tropez's Custom Body Finish also provides contouring and definition of the muscle tones, so it is an absolute must."

To further highlight, define and contour key areas of the face and body, St. Tropez's expert team finished the skin with a variety of St. Tropez's latest cosmetic and illuminating products like the St. Tropez Bronzing Powder, Radiance Mousse and Bronzing Rocks.

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