Kelly Osbourne felt "unworthy" after she was described as fat.

The reality TV star - whose weight has fluctuated over the years - hated being criticised for being heavier than the average celebrity but refused to make herself ill by conforming to the media's idea of beauty.

Kelly - who has recently gone down three dress sizes after appearing in last year's 'Dancing With The Stars' - said: "There's nothing that can affect a woman more than the three letter word - fat. It leaves you so deflated. Being criticised for my weight made me feel I was unworthy.

"I've sat in bed at night and thought, 'Why the f**k does anyone care how much I weigh?' I'm just one of those celebrities who has a normal-looking body. I'm not fat, I'm not skinny. I'm healthy and my body has a nice shape. I wasn't going to make myself ill getting thin."

Kelly, 25, says she has always had self-confidence issues but they are now improving following losing weight and finding love with fiance Luke Worrell.

She told the Stylist magazine: "Growing up, although I appeared to be incredibly confident, my self-esteem was terrible. I used to stand in front of the mirror and pick out everything I didn't like, but that's now shifting slightly."