Kelly Osbourne says pancakes make her a better dancer.

The TV star has impressed judges on US TV talent show 'Dancing With The Stars' with her accomplished performances and her dance partner Louis van Amstel claims her success is thanks to her culinary skills.

He said: "Actually, she makes pancakes with blueberries and those are good carbs. She makes them taste good. I was impressed. I did not expect that."

Earlier this week, Kelly revealed her skin had been damaged by a body spray she used and admits she is still suffering pain from the "acid burns".

She told 'Access Hollywood': "It's really bad. It's literally the most painful burn I've ever had.

"I sprayed this body spray on myself and I checked it before and it said, 'Gentle on skin.' I sprayed it underneath my armpits and it gave me... I went to a dermatologist and I had something along the lines of an acid burn.

"Originally my costume didn't have sleeves. They had to put it on to cover my burns because it was so bad."