Kelly Osbourne's dog has to wear booties because she has allergies.

The TV presenter took to her twitter account to share a picture of her Pomeranian Story's new sky blue footwear which her four-legged friend has been wearing to stop her licking her paws.

She tweeted: ''Story has allergies so we had to put these little booties on her so she stop trying to eat her feet! She is... (sic)''

But Kelly is not the only person showing the pampered pooch - who she recently rescued - a lot of attention, as her other dog Pomeranian Sid has been trying to hump her new mutt.

She previously tweeted: ''I got a new dog that i rescued she's a pom that was pretty much kept in a cadge for the past year! i cant wait to meet her & make her happy! (sic)''

The 27-year-old star - who also owns a Doberman called Blue - later posted another picture of Sid getting a little over excited about his new family member, which Kelly captioned: ''Sid won't stop trying to hump Story! Look how sexy he is trying to be for her! #NaughtyBoy (sic)''

Kelly regularly informs her 1.9 million twitter followers on the lives of Story, Sid and Blue.