Rocker Kelly Osbourne got into a vicious bar brawl after a man groped her breasts - and had to be saved by Avril Lavigne's drummer.

While enjoying a night out in New York with MATT BRANN, shock-rocker Ozzy OSBOURNE's middle child found herself being abused by a fellow reveller - and decided to take some affirmative action.

She fumes, "I got into a bar fight in New York recently. This guy touched my boob, so I said, 'If you do that again, I'll punch you.' So he did it again and I punched him - and then he punched me back!

"Avril Lavigne's drummer was with me and he picked the guy up and chucked him across the room. It was insane and we got thrown out. But I still feel that I was in the right - no one has a right to touch me or anyone else like that, it's disgusting."

25/06/2003 21:05