Singer Kelly Osbourne is keen to stress her family's fly-on-the-wall show The Osbournes is not as true to life as it seems.

Kelly, along with parents Ozzy and SHARON and younger brother JACK, was catapulted to super stardom when The Osbournes hit the airwaves in 2002 - with the show portraying itself as a true-life account of the wild rock family's everyday antics.

However, SHUT UP! star Kelly warns, "It's not an illusion, but it's not entirely true because, as much as it is a reality show, it's an edited version.

"They film and film and film and edit it down to half an hour. It's not a show you can flick on and see 24 hours a day. It's not The Truman Show. Situations are different when they are edited."

01/07/2003 14:14