Punk popper Kelly Osbourne has slammed Britney Spears and CHRISTINA AGUILERA for sticking to popular trends.

The wild daughter of rock is famed for her eclectic fashion sense and ever-changing outlandish hairstyles, but says she would never want to be any other way.

The PAPA DON'T PREACH star says, "It's so hard to be an individual and I just don't like following the pack. It's important that girls should stick up for what they believe in, and I think that Pink and Avril Lavigne are good role models for that.

"If I had a daughter I'd rather that she was listening to their music than BRITNEY SPEARS and Christina Aguilera."

Outspoken Kelly admits that voicing her thoughts does sometimes get her in trouble.

She adds, "Telling the truth always gets me into so much trouble but I still do it. The truth hurts which is why people lie.

"My friend recently asked me if she looked OK in something and I said, 'No, it's a bit too tight and makes you look like you have love handles.' She got really mad and was mean to me all day. I was like, 'Just don't ask me then.'

"My mum has always told me to be myself. If other people don't like it, that's just tough."

09/05/2003 17:20