Kelly Osbourne wore platform sneakers underneath her Oscars gown.

The 'Fashion Police' host claims the chunky foam heeled shoes saved her feet from the ''agony'' of walking in six inch heels during busy awards season and says the sporty footwear went unnoticed under her glamorous floor length dress.

In a post written to her website, she revealed: ''Here is a secret I bet you did not know, I wore them underneath my gowns during the whole award season... Yes, I even wore them to the Oscars. They saved my feet from enduring the agony of standing in 6-inch heels for 12 hours and ending up with blood-filled shoes!''

Kelly - who describes herself as a ''shoe w***e'' - claims the popular nineties trend is her new ''obsession'' and she is happy they are finally making a comeback.

She wrote: ''Thank you to the Spice girls for making it such a trend in the 90's that they had to come back again!!!(Sorry I'm English I can't help myself!) Platform sneakers have been shown all over designer runways since 2013 but the trend is finally kicking off and I looooooove it! Finally I can gain an extra inch or 2 and not be in pain while still looking stylish! (sic)''

Fully aware the quirky footwear might receive mixed reviews from fans, Kelly also shared some advice on how to rock the trend.

She added: ''I know some of them are reminiscent of corrective orthopaedic shoes but... you just have to find the right shape for your body!''