Kelly Osbourne's purple hair has become part of her personality.

The 'Fashion Police' host has dyed her tresses every colour under the sun in the past in a bid to avoid being branded ''beige'', but claims she's never felt more like herself than with her lavender-hued locks.

She told People magazine: ''Basically my colour has become me. The first time I dyed it and looked in the mirror, I saw myself and I felt like me. I'll never be a natural girl. I'll never be normal or simple. The most insulting thing someone said to me was to call me 'beige'.''

Earlier this week, Kelly posted a picture of her unusual new crop on Instagram - a messy bob with uneven shaved sides - and she claims the look was a complete accident caused by a stylist mixing the wrong blend of hair dyes, making chunks of her hair fall out.

The 29-year-old star explained: ''I never mind when stuff like that happens because I get to be inventive and come up with something new. I told [the hairdresser] that I kind of wanted to look like, 'Alien chic meets mental patient that's just had electroshock therapy. You know when people have hair burned off at the sides?'

''And he was looking at me like I was insane, but he was like, 'All right, we'll try it.'''

And Kelly hinted she might be getting the chop again in the near future.

She added: ''Every day I'm looking at it and thinking it needs to be more, it needs to go further back and needs to be shorter. But what I love about it is it's so diverse. When I have to be normal, I [flip my hair in front] and no one knows.''