Teen rock chick Kelly Osbourne won thousands of dollars worth of jewellery during a raffle at Elton John's post-OSCAR bash on Sunday night (29FEB04).

The SHUT UP! singer, 19, attended the party at new West Hollywood venue PEARL with her mother SHARON and father Ozzy, and was delighted when she won the competition, which raised money for John's Aids foundation.

Osbourne enthuses, "I can't believe I just won $25,000 (GBP13,157) worth of jewellery.

"I just won a CARTIER watch and some CHOPARD stuff. It was a $500 (GBP263) raffle ticket, and I just thought, what the hell, it all goes to charity."

The pop star better hold on to her jewels - her bling-bling loving mom told revellers at the party she wants the wristwatch.

02/03/2004 17:43