Kelly Osbourne can wear child size T-shirts because she is so small.

The 'Fashion Police' presenter has lost over 60lbs in the last two years and she admits she is so slim now and is so short she can fit into clothes meant for kids.

She said: ''People have this idea that I'm large and they don't realise I am 5ft 2in and a UK size 6-8. I go to GAP Kids for T-shirts.''

Kelly is delighted with her slender figure but insists anyone who wants to lose weight better be prepared to overhaul their lifestyle.

The 27-year-old beauty - the daughter of rocker Ozzy and TV star Sharon - insists there is no short cut to reducing your waistline, you have to exercise and eat healthily.

In an interview with Closer magazine, she said: ''I've done all the faddy diets and none of them work. On one, I had to drink this diet shake for a week it promised I'd lose 10lbs but I just felt sick.

''I wish I could tell you there's another way to lose weight, but the boring truth is you have to eat sensibly and exercise. If you want to eat cake, fine. Just don't eat the whole cake.''