Kelly Osbourne has learned ''never'' to introduce your nipples to your stomach.

The 31-year-old British singer songwriter has admitted she learned two things from the late Joan Rivers - who died in September 2014 aged 81 from brain damage during throat surgery - and has revealed the best advice was to never let her chest sag to below her waist line.

Speaking fondly on 'The View', which has since been reported on PEOPLE, about the former 'Fashion Police' presenter - with whom she co-hosted the critical show for three years - she said: ''Never, ever apologize for being you. Never, ever apologize for just being yourself, because everybody has a right to be unique and different.

''[And] Never introduce your nipples to your belly button.''

Kelly - who gave a speech at a tribute event for the television personality, which was hosted by Joan's daughter Melissa River last week - has revealed she was ''honoured'' to pay her respect to the entertainment icon.

She explained: ''It was an honour to even honour her.''

However, the 'One Word' vocalist struggled to get the words out when she was practicing.

She said: ''It took me probably about five rehearsals to get through without crying because it was the first time I'd ever publicly spoken about Joan since her passing.''

Meanwhile, Kelly - who is the daughter of Black Sabbath's singer and rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and 'X Factor' judge Sharon Osbourne - has confessed she misses the star, which she broadcasted last year via social media to commemorate the one0-eyar anniversary of Joan's death.

She wrote on her Instagram account previously: ''Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself & that if you don't laugh there is no point in doing anything! I miss you, I love you. (sic).''