Kelly Osbourne has received threats from people wanting to attend her wedding.

The 'Fashion Police' co-host is yet to set a date for her nuptials to vegan chef Matthew Mosshart - who she has been dating since 2011 - but she admits she's already had friends and family bribe her for an invitation to the ceremony.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''Isn't it weird how people care more about your wedding than you do? Then they say things like, 'Well, you better invite me and my mum and my brother or I'll never speak to you again.'

''I've already had threats. It's one of those things where I'm like, 'If you threaten me, you're not coming anyway even if I love you.' ''

The 28-year-old reality TV star - who has been inundated with offers to televise her wedding - is adamant she won't get carried away with the excitement of planning her big day and is ''close'' to asking her mother Sharon Osbourne to take over the preparations because she's beginning to stress over it.

She explained: ''You get married for the person you love and for your very close friends and family. To me, you don't get married for attention.

''It's been one of those things that I've been struggling over. I'm this close to being like, 'Mum, do everything and then I'll just show up!' ''