Kelly Osbourne thought her mother Sharon was going to die from cancer.

The 28-year-old star admits she feared for 'The X Factor' judge's life after she was struck down with colon cancer in 2002, but the devastating news made her realise the importance of life and forced her to appreciate her mum more.

Speaking to the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: ''I became my mum's nurse 24/7. I gave her injections and medicines when she had seizures. I even had a parking space at the hospital with my name on it. I thought I was going to lose her - it was awful.

''I used to wake up every morning and go, 'My mum is so stupid, she doesn't know anything'. Now I wake up and I go, 'Mum is so smart. Why didn't I listen to her when I was younger? She's the best mother - and friend - in the world and it makes me want to cry saying that. ''

Just a year later in 2003, the 'Fashion Police' star was hit with another heart breaking revelation that her father, Ozzy Osbourne, had been involved in a quad-bike crash - which caused him to fracture eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck - so she nursed him back to health.

She explained: ''He couldn't move from the neck down and was basically a paraplegic, so I slept on the floor by the side of his bed for four months. I brushed his teeth and washed his clothes, and every day we'd put on our swimsuits and I'd shower him.

''Not many people can say they've wiped their mother and father's arses more than they've wiped their own.''