Kelly Osbourne feels like she has "lost a child" after her dog died.

The 'Fashion Police' host was left "heartbroken" last week after her five-month-old puppy Noodles was put to sleep when it was discovered she had an incurable brain condition and the 26-year-old star admits she is finding it "hard" to deal with the loss of her pet.

She said: "It's been a really hard week for me as my five-month-old baby girl Noodles was incredibly ill.

"I'm unbelievably devastated. To me, it's like losing a child. My heart is broken."

Kelly revealed that she consulted a number of veterinary specialists as it was difficult to find out what was wrong with the dog at first.

She explained in her column for Closer magazine: "I woke up to feed her only to find she wasn't moving and was barely breathing. We rushed to the vet but, after tests, they still weren't sure what had happened, other than the fact she'd had a seizure.

"I then drove her to a specialist and at first they thought it was her liver, but realised her brain was swelling and, unfortunately I had to have her put to sleep."

Last July, Kelly - who also has another dog, Sid - was left devastated when her new puppy Woody died aged just 14 weeks old from unknown causes.