Reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne is unimpressed when rich playboys shower her with expensive gifts and exotic holidays - unless it's rap giant Sean '' Combs.

The daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne has been single since calling off her engagement to Matthew Mosshart in January (14), but she admits she has never been short of male admirers.

Osbourne recalls how dozens of high-earning men have tried to woo her with pricey jewellery and trips in a private jet, but she insists none of them left her swooning - except one.

She tells British magazine You, "I don't like it when men buy me things. It makes me uncomfortable. Certain celebrities and wealthy businessmen have sent me gifts, such as diamonds, and I've sent them back. They have offered to fly me in private jets, and all I can think to myself is, 'I am not that kind of girl and this is not the way to get my attention. Call me, invite me to dinner, I don't want your stuff.'

"However, I can't lie - I did keep a present that Puff Daddy got me: a great big diamond watch by Jacob the Jeweller, because that was one of the coolest things ever. Would you send it back?"