Reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne is showing off her charitable side again by sending boxes of unwanted clothes and furniture to the U.K. to help the victims of the devastating floods.

Thousands of families were stranded last month (Feb14) when days of torrential rain burst river banks and left many areas of Britain under water.

The devastation was caused by the wettest British winter since records began in 1910, and Osbourne was touched by the crisis as her rocker father Ozzy's family mansion in Buckinghamshire, England was among those flooded.

Now she is boxing up unwanted belongings while moving home in the U.S. and has vowed to ship them back to her native U.K. to help other families affected by the severe weather.

Osbourne tells British magazine You, "I flew to New York to clean up after Hurricane Sandy. Now I'm in the process of moving house, so everything at home that I don't want any more is going to be shipped back to England for people who lost everything in the recent floods. Most people don't know about my charitable endeavours because I don't believe you do charity work to talk about it."