Kelly Osbourne broke her foot working out too hard in the gym.

The 'Fashion Police' host recently discovered she had the serious injury but initially had no idea what had caused it, but doctors have now established it was from her over-zealous use of the treadmill.

Writing in her Closer magazine column, she explained: "This week the doctor finally found out how I hurt my foot.

"Running too hard on the treadmill caused me to pull the tendon away from the bone and give myself stress fractures. Now it's just a matter of time until it heals properly and gets back to normal.

"Thank god, because I was starting to get sick of people looking at me like I was a lunatic when they asked me how I did it and I couldn't answer."

Kelly has had many problems with her feet - including painful bunions and flat feet - but recently revealed she has refused surgery for her latest problem because of the disruption it would cause.

She said: "I didn't want a plaster cast because I can't take it off for work or shower properly, so I have a special boot thing to wear. I have to get it checked every couple of weeks. To get surgery on it, I'd have to block out four months for the recovery period and I can't do that. It really hurts, but I'm used to it now and use ice and ibuprofen to keep on top of it. I can't put surgery off forever, though!"