Kelly Osbourne uses her mother, Sharon, for style inspiration.

The 29-year-old 'Fashion Police' star said her mother - former 'X Factor' judge Sharon Osbourne - has inspired her fashion sense because she educated her on what to wear as she grew up.

When asked by Closer Magazine who influenced her style, Kelly said: ''My mum. She's taught me so much about fashion and how to dress. I'm very grateful to her because she allowed me to experiment when I was younger.''

The fashion designer also said that her biggest challenge in regards to her style has been her fluctuating body shape, although it has opened up doors to the type of clothes that she can wear.

She admitted: ''My body has changed as I've got older, so I get to wear things I've never been able to before.

''I'm one of those dorks who's always loved wearing a backpack! I'm becoming a little more classic these days, though. My red-carpet outfits can be quite feminine.''

The 'Dancing With The Stars' finalist went on to confess that she finds style to be extremely important in representing her personality:

Kelly said: ''I just think individuality is important. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Sometimes, I like to wear something ugly and style it up to make it pretty.

''It sounds insane, but when I first dyed my hair, I looked in the mirror and finally felt like me.''