Kelly Osbourne can't stop crying over her "pride" in her brother.

The 'Fashion Police' host is overwhelmed by how Jack Osbourne - who previously battled addiction to DRUGS - has turned his life around and is now planning to marry and is expecting his first daughter with fiancee Lisa Stelly.

Kelly said: "He makes fun of me because every time I'm around him I get teary eyed now. He's like, 'Stop it! Go Away. Stop being dramatic. Get out of my face.' Because I'm like, 'I'm so proud of you. You're moving into a new house. You're getting married. You're having a baby. You have the most amazing fiancée ever!' "

Kelly also insisted that her rocker father Ozzy Osbourne will not be providing the entertainment at Jack's wedding.

Asked if the Black Sabbath frontman plans to sing at the nuptials, she told E! News: "No. I don't really think rock music is quite appropriate for a wedding,."

Kelly recently revealed she can't wait to look after Jack and Lisa's baby.

She said: "Oh, I have already told him, 'I know it's your baby but it's really my baby so whenever you want a night off, let me know!' "