Kelly Osbourne has vowed to use her mobile phone less.

The 'Fashion Police' host found herself feeling more relaxed after losing her communications device on a recent break, and has now decided to turn her handset off in the evenings.

She said: "I lost my phone at a friend's Beach House last week and - after the initial panic - I loved my long weekend without it.

"I'd completely forgotten what it was like before cellphones. You just have to put effort into arranging things which is nice.

"Now I've got it back, I'm going to try to switch it off in the evenings. Good friends and family know how to get in touch if they need to."

Kelly also revealed her friends had to "drag" her out to dinner recently as she has been reluctant to spend time away from home.

She wrote in her column for Closer magazine: "I've been a homebody of late, so my friends dragged me out to dinner.

"They said they had to intervene when I got excited about new sweatpants to lounge around in.

"So I went out with my friend Casey, who is the most beautiful girl in LA - which means she's forever getting dirty looks from other girls. I'll never understand it."