Kelly Osbourne found herself unable to get home on Monday night (25Nov13) as a security corden around a fundraiser for President Barack Obama shut down the area surrounding her house.

Obama held a gala on Monday night at the home of basketball icon Magic Johnson in Beverly Hills, California as part of the president's three-day tour of the West Coast, and security was tight.

Osbourne spent several hours trying to get around the police perimeter and took to her account to complain about the delays and worry about her house pets.

She wrote, "Been driving around for over an hour trying to get home because the 'president' is at a party on my street the police won't let me go home! I can't get back to my dogs and I'm starting to freak out! Why is Obama at a party on my street?"

The Fashion Police star even tried contacting the president directly to ask to be allowed through the corden, writing, "Dear Barack Obama please can I go home to feed my dogs & go to bed I promise I pose no threat to you. I just want to go home. I come from a county of real royals and they don't even pull this s**t for the Queen!"

She added, "I am 1 block away from my house and they won't even let me walk home! The president is at a party 2 f**king miles away! Even the mayor of Beverly Hills... I had no idea Bh was big enough to have a mayor regardless they won't even let her go home!"

The residents were eventually allowed back into the area, and Osbourne concluded, "Yaaaay we are finally moving!!! If one good thing came of tonight it's that I got to meet all my neighbours!"