Kelly Osbourne ‏is ''freezing'' in her home because her heating has broken.

The 'Fashion Police' host has endured a miserable start to the week after she awoke to discover both her heating and air conditioning in her apartment were bust, and it is particularly chilly in her bathroom.

She wrote on twitter: ''The heating & AC are both broken in my apartment and it's so cold in here when you go in the bathroom you can see your breath! #Freezing (sic)''

All of Kelly's domestic appliances and utilities were working yesterday (18.03.12) when she had several friends over for a home cooked meal.

In another tweet, she said: ''#SundayFunDay!!!!! cooking a roast & having good friends over! (sic)''

Perhaps it's time Kelly escaped her domestic nightmare until the problems are fixed and treated herself to some spa treatments like the ones her pet dog Sid enjoys.

Last week, the 27-year-old star - the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - took her black Pomeranian pooch to a special spa for canines, where he had a blueberry facial, oatmeal bath and a pedicure.