Kelly Osbourne has threatened to ''b***h slap'' a woman who knocked her over on the ski slopes.

The 'Fashion Police' host was left nursing a swollen and bruised right hand following the tumble yesterday (18.01.15) and wasn't impressed that her fellow skiier didn't stop to see if she was OK afterwards.

Posting a picture of her hands on Instagram, she blasted: ''To the b***h on the slopes that took me down today laughed in my face & did not even stop to see if I was ok! I'm left landed so there is a #B***hSlap coming your way let's hope #karma meets you first! (sic)''

Despite her discomfort, Kelly - who is on vacation with her parents Ozzy and Sharon, brother Jack, his wife Lisa and their two-year-old daughter Pearl - soon cheered up after spending time with her niece.

Posting another picture of herself hugging Pearl, she wrote: ''There is no better feeling than a hug from my #perfect niece Pearl! She is the definition of happiness! (sic)''

The 30-year-old star hasn't had the best luck with her health recently as just last week she had to cancel her plans after being stricken by flu.

She tweeted: ''Has anyone else had this awful flu that is going around if so how long does it last? no 1 wants to come near me incase they get it! #Ashuuu (sic)''