Kelly Osbourne has got a wife for her pet dog.

The model-and-TV star has given a home to a Pomeranian puppy and she is hoping her beloved pooch Sid will get on great with her.

However, things have not started well between the canine couple.

She revealed: "I got a new dog last week and I'm so excited! She's a Pomeranian like Sid and looks like a mini version of him. She's only 10 weeks old and weighs less than a pound - how tiny is that? So far I've called her Noodles-For-Now because I might change it if I find a better name. I want her to be Sid's new wife, but he actually seems a bit scared of her - she playfully nipped him and he didn't know what to do!"

Kelly is hoping the two mutts will eventually have puppies, but the 26-year-old star is worried she won't be able to break up their doggie family if they do mate.

In her Closer magazine column, she added: "I'm hoping they'll have puppies - if they do, I probably couldn't bear to give any of them away."

As well as her two Pomeranians, Kelly also has a Doberman called Blue that her brother Jack bought her to protect her when she moved into her new apartment.

Last summer, she was left devastated after her Pomeranian puppy Woody died while she was on holiday in Las Vegas.