Kelly Osbourne has never questioned her father's love for her mum - even though the teen singer has faint memories of shock-rocker Ozzy trying to strangle SHARON.

Kelly, who has an older sister AIMEE and younger brother JACK, believes it was just her dad's battle with drink and drugs that caused him to attack his loving wife when she was a child.

She recalls, "I was there when that happened but I was a baby. All I remember is the lights and the police, and standing by the door and, 'What the hell's going on?'

"But that wasn't my dad. That was my dad on alcohol and you have to take into allowance that, yes, my father is an alcoholic and drug addict, but, no, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love us."

Devoted Kelly defends her father further by saying, "Could you imagine waking up every day and having your mind and body telling you that you want something so bad even if it makes you sick, and the only reason you don't take it is because you love someone?

"That's enough for me. He doesn't (drink or take drugs) because he really loves us."

01/07/2003 14:14