Kelly Osbourne loves spending the day in bed and not brushing her teeth.

The 'Fashion Police' model - who is believed to be dating Matthew Mosshart - enjoyed a lazy Sunday yesterday (19.02.12) where she did very little, with even her dental hygiene going amiss in favour of lounging in her bedroom.

In a series of posts, Kelly wrote on twitter: ''i hope everyone is having am amazing lazy sunday! Love to ALL!i have a confession... i have spend the whole day in bed! i have not even brushed my teeth today and i'm bloody loving it!#ILoveLazyDays (sic)''

However, when a concerned fan suggested she may want to run a brush through her mouth, she replied: ''hahaha I'm going to I promise! (sic)''

Kelly's lazy Sunday came after a busy day of work on Saturday (18.02.12), where the 27-year-old beauty - who is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - has such a hectic schedule she forgot to fit in eating.

She tweeted: ''Yaaaay dinner has arrived I have not eaten all day i was having to much fun at work and forgot to eat. I'm starving!(sic)''