Rock wild child Kelly Osbourne is facing a ban from future MTV awards following her caustic outburst against pop rival Christina Aguilera at this year's ceremony.

SHUT UP! singer Kelly was reportedly confronted in her dressing room by MTV executives following her on-screen verbal assault at the BEAUTIFUL hitmaker.

During the MTV European Music Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland last week (6NOV03) Kelly labelled the diminutive star "a cow" and "a sad, sorry person".

However, irate bosses have told Ozzy Osbourne's daughter her behaviour was "childish and unnecessary" - adding she may be banned from future events as a result.

A waiter who was delivering champagne to Kelly's dressing room at the time of the ticking off, was sent packing by one of her burly minders.

The waiter reports, "There was a lot of bickering and shouting. I saw Kelly come out later. She stormed out. She was with her minder and was red-eyed and very, very upset."

An MTV insider adds, "Backstage producers made it clear they were really annoyed. They felt it was in bad taste. Put it this way. Kelly's certainly not on their list for the next MTV awards."

09/11/2003 14:02