Kelly Osbourne couldn't stop dribbling after going to the dentist for repair work.

The 'Fashion Police' star went for an orthodontic appointment on Tuesday (04.06.13) for a check only to discover she had chipped several of her gnashers when she had a seizure in March.

Kelly had to have a number of pain-killing injections before the work was carried out, which left her face numb.

She revealed on Twitter: ''I had so many injections I can't feel my face its completely numb!''

When asked by her follower @shaneREACTI0N if she had been dribbling because of the anaesthetic, she replied: ''@shaneREACTI0N For the past 7 hours!!! #LOL (sic)''

Some fans were confused by her original tweet and though she'd been having Botox injections.

Twitter user @shamila0402 asked: ''@MissKellyO why injections? Botox? (sic)''

Which prompted Kelly to reply: ''@shamila0402 NOOOOOO! to numb my gums/teeth while the dentist worked on my teeth! (sic)''

Kelly suffered the frightening seizure while filming her E! show 'Fashion Police' with Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers.

She told her co-hosts she wasn't feeling well and then fell out of her chair and started shaking. She was rushed hospital and received treatment for the episode.