Kelly Osbourne is donating her clothes to charity.

The 'Fashion Police' presenter has spent a number of days going through her closet to find things to give away, and despite thinking she may give them to her fans she eventually decided to give them to the homeless.

Writing on twitter, she said: ''I have spent the past 3 days going through every draw/cupboard/closet I have so much to donate to charity its unreal!#FeelingProductive

''it also made me realize that people give me so much s**t! when you have to much you will never find what you are looking for!#Time2Donate(sic)''

When a fan suggested she give the clothes to them, she added: ''i thought about doing so but i think that homeless need the clothes more then most of my fans!(sic)''

Asked where they would be going, Kelly said: ''homeless shelters/dress 4 success! Clothes that I have worn will soon go on auction all proceeds go to my mums cancer charity!(sic)''

It is not the first time Kelly - who recently became an aunt when her brother Jack Osbourne had daughter Pearl - has raided a wardrobe for charity; she also went through her mother Sharon Osbourne's shoe collection.

She wrote on her twitter page: ''Promised my mum I would go through her shoes to send the ones she no longer wears to charity Im not even 1/4 way there! (sic)''