Kelly Osbourne doesn't worry about trends.

The TV personality - who is a fashion correspondent for E! and hosts the US series 'Fashion Police' - doesn't believe in copying other people's looks and prefers to stick to her own ''modern day Teddy Girl'' look.

When asked to divulge a piece of valuable style advice, Kelly told WWD: ''Don't worry about trends. I never have, ever. I think it's crazy now that Birkenstocks are in fashion because I've always worn them and gotten made fun of for them.

She added:''I like taking things that society considers to be ugly or uncool and finding a way to make them beautiful in everyone's eyes.

''I like the androgyny of men's wear but really girlifying it.''

The 29-year-old also offered some fail safe tips to looking camera -ready in an instant by throwing on a pair of oversized sunglasses paired with a vibrant lipstick for a splash of colour.

She said: ''One of my easiest tricks for running out the door when you know you're getting papped: big, huge sunglasses and a bright lip.''

Meanwhile, Kelly - who recently announced she was launching her own fashion line on - has promised to include designs in the collection which cater to women on the go.

She explained: ''I'm working on some really fun stuff for bags, which I like, because I'm not the kind of girl that wants to carry a million things. I carry a backpack most of the time, and I think most women are leaning more toward that sort of style now because we do have to carry more stuff and nobody wants a sore shoulder.

''So it's important: things like having a compartment within the bag that a ballet flat will be in so when your feet hurt you can change your shoes.''