Kelly Osbourne has broken her hand.

The reality TV star has been left with a permanent "thumbs up" after falling out of her bed in a hotel and fracturing her left hand.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: "I must be the most accident prone/stupid person it the world i fell out my bed while sleeping last night & fractured my hand in 3 places!

"I'm staying in a hotel and the bed is so tall i must have dropped about 4 1/2 feet!

"its my left hand & im left handed so my mum has to brush my hair & cut my food 4 me i feel like a baby again. of course my mum is loving it!

"the worst part is i permanently look like I'm giving everyone the thumbs up because of the way its casted! i look like such a t**t (sic)!"

One of Kelly's fans, @Mbalz3, was confused as to how she could still be tweeting her fans, asking Kelly: "if your left handed and your left iz the one thatz hurt ... How are you tweeting (sic)?"

The 'Fashion Police' star replied by saying: "I do have 2 hands you know!"