Kelly Osbourne has slammed lazy British teenagers.

The presenter feels frustrated by young girls who aspire to marry a rich soccer star or have a baby to get state funded accommodation.

She said: "I find it easier being in America. The UK is a lot harder, people have this kick you while you are down mentality. It seems like some teenagers just want to get pregnant so they can get a bigger council house.

"It is not OK for girls to want to grow up to be a WAG [partner of soccer player]. I find that frustrating."

Kelly - whose parents are rocker Ozzy and TV star Sharon Osbourne - has also slammed people who live off their famous parents and spend their lives partying.

The 24-year-old star - who has been in rehab four times for prescription drug dependence - explained: "A lot of celebrity kids don't do that much with their lives. You are in a position where you are so lucky - you can do whatever you want.

"A lot of them waste their lives going to parties and being mean to other people."